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But First Me

We are an Indo-Irish duo using ancient Irish mantras, from our shared heritage, to help mothers (at every stage of motherhood) to reconnect to their spiritual core.

We combine this with positive psychology practices to elevate mothers from the daily grind.

Mary-Ellen Saha

BA. MA. BSc. LCH Dip

Mary Ellen is renowned for her motivational coaching and maximalism. A dopamine dresser with an enormous zest for life, she never does anything half-heartedly. She’s an accredited life coach, meditation teacher and a certified positive psychology graduate. Her coaching combines evidence-based practices, energetic encouragement with her active listening style, honed over many years on the phone lines of the UK’s suicide prevention charity, the Samaritans.

She was born in the sacred center of Ireland, near Uisneach, a farm girl from Co. Westmeath. She inherited the work ethic of her Irish parents and also their deep Celtic spirituality. The masculine and feminine energies of doing and being intertwined in her heart from the beginning. She grew up in a family full of love yet marred by mental illness. Here she built her resilience, resourcefulness, and belief in the restorative power of nature.

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