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Mary Ellen gained a BSc in Psychology from Queens University, Belfast, just after the Good Friday agreement was signed. Living there at that historical time had a huge impact on her values of compassion, non-judgment, and forgiveness. Mary Ellen gained a diploma in Life Coaching in 2011 accredited by IAPC&M (International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring).
Following her certification in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) she absorbed its principles and tailored the positive interventions to suit her UK clients, crafting her own programme focused on cultivating happy habits. She self-published a coaching card deck and a self-guided journal based on this course.
She also served as a Committee Member and Community Manager for the Division of Coaching Psychology within the BPS, the British Psychological Society. She expanded her Positive Psychology credentials by attaining ICF-accredited certificates in Positive Relationships, Emotional Intelligence, and Motivation.

She has been a Londoner for twenty years, yet she inhabits the city as if she's still in rural Ireland, playing an active role in the local community. After completing her training at Metanoia London in Mindfulness for Coaches in 2012, she became certified to teach mindfulness to kids in 2013. For a few years, she taught a kids' after-school club, the MBSP (Mindfulness-Based Strengths Programme), in West London public schools.

Additionally, she independently published a textbook titled "True Colours Thru Strengths," catering to these local London parents. It was well received, with five-star reviews. Yet she realized that to have a real impact, it was the mothers themselves who needed to learn these skills. Many were experiencing burnout or opting out, having lost touch with their instincts, clarity, and spirituality amidst the relentless demands of 24/7 motherhood. They felt stuck in survival mode. So she niched her coaching to serve these mothers.

In 2018, Mary Ellen abandoned her smartphone and deleted all social media apps. Intuitively recognizing what many social psychologists, including Jonathon Haidt, have since confirmed. Smartphones were exerting a detrimental influence on her mind, her spirit and her life.

This bountiful time offline led to three terrific projects: creating her online happy habits course, re-learning her Mother Tongue, Gaeilge and the co-creation with Anirban, her husband and business partner, the Irish Mantra Meditation method.

Once a fluent speaker (and proud fáinne wearer) she immersed herself in the Irish language, mythology, rituals and land-based wisdom, from the feminine perspective, which was unavailable in her youth, in 90s Ireland. She visited ancient sacred sites in both Ireland and India, partaking in silent retreats and wholeheartedly embracing the ancient celebrations of both cultures. Having maintained a daily meditation practice since 2012 next she acquired training in the Vedic technique. After beta testing her happy habits online course for 18 months she adjusted it to incorporate this feminine energy.

Irish Mantra Meditation a fusion of Celtic & Vedic traditions using the wealth of both languages and lineages. In 2023 she introduced this innovative technique at wellbeing retreats in Ireland and at Europe's largest yoga festival, The Om Yoga show. The method struck a chord with mothers, leading to more collaborative retreats and invitations to feature on local podcasts.

At Mary’s Ellen core lies an unshakable self-love. She walks her talk, prioritising her health and happiness. She chose the road less traveled moving back and forth to Ireland to care for her sick parents until both passed away, while also working part-time to raise her daughter.

Ultimately, she's an optimist and is energized by change. She is comfortable with the messiness of life. She embraces its natural cycles and it’s many thresholds. She coaches her clients to find the opportunities in their adversities. Now she's on a mission to help mums, like herself, transcend the daily grind, change the status quo and reawaken the spiritual mother within.

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